The number of people asking me for advice increases in my email and Facebook chat. I like it, it means that they trust me: when I can I always answer with pleasure (never forgetting that it is one thing to ask for advice, another is to do a training day).

The questions give me ideas for the articles. Many ask me how to improve the blog, how I started working in this area. But one of the most frequent questions is this: “How much does an item cost?” The variant: “I am a freelance web writer recently: how much do I have to ask for an article?”.

How much does an item cost? I answer this question with a laconic “Dipende” or with “You have to sell your professionalism, not your hours of work”. In reality this is the keystone.

The beginning is difficult for everyone

You create value, you don’t sell time. With your article you are trying to achieve a goal: you cannot reason in terms of hours / work because writing an article is part of a broader strategy.

But at the beginning of your activity as a web writer this discourse does not hold water. You are taking your first steps in this world, you look around and you only read philosophical answers to your question. Nothing concrete.

“You have to focus on quality, not quantity. You have to sell your professionalism. You are your business card ”. But nobody tells me how much an item costs! Don’t worry, I’ll give you a solution without wasting time and going around the topic.

How much does an item cost?

The only valid parameter that I know to define the price of an item is time. I have said the opposite several times, but this calculation comes from the absence of other terms of comparison that you can find with experience. The process that leads to the answer is simple, mathematical, crystal clear:

  • Calculate the time required to create a post.
  • Give your time a value.
  • Multiply the numbers and you have the cost of an item.

Then multiply the cost by the number of items and have the rough quote to pass to the customer. Here is the formula I use to define how much an item costs. I don’t rely on the number of words because everything depends on the topic, on the cut, on how much you want to learn more and what you want to add to the service.

Now you are thinking, “You have glossed over the question. I wanted to know how much an item costs, not the formula to calculate the cost “. This is a relative discourse: only you can value your time.

If you are an employee there is someone who decides this value for you, as a freelance you have to be the one to move the cards. What I can tell you is that 50 cents per article can’t be heard.

How to earn more

First I used the term “rough quote”. This is the starting point, the calculation that includes the hours and the articles. But there are a number of factors that you can use to improve revenue.

  • Photographic material.
  • Search for topics.
  • Formatting and insertion in the CMS.
  • Comments management.
  • Insertion on social media.

How much to ask for an item? The quote will be formed by the voice linked to the writing of the post, and by a series of accessory elements (such as those listed) that complete the blogging work. And that influence the final gain. If you want more you have to be willing to pay.

But to get better results you have to bet on your name. If your brand is unknown – if you are a nobody, you will have to accept the minimum. Otherwise the next forward. For more information on this process you can take a look at the video that explains how to make a quote.

Focus on the brand

Focusing on your brand means making yourself known as a specialist in the sector, it means treating a blog and social profiles, it means being present in online conversations and offline events. My recipe for working on this point (and therefore to earn more) is simple:

  • Make personal branding: improve your online identity.
  • Do training: improve your skills with study.
  • Collaborate with the best: you have to steal the job, that’s it.
  • Create good relationships with colleagues and online users.
  • Take care of a blog and turn it into a walking landing page.
  • Experience, collaborate for free at the beginning.

Complaining constantly on social media is useless. You must prove your worth. I followed this direction. And I started following him before becoming a freelancer. Before finding myself in a situation of need: I started treating my brand before becoming a freelancer.

Building your brand from scratch is difficult, especially when you’re looking for new customers. For this advice to work in the agency, to make an experience – even underpaid or free – to acquire the minimum skills that will allow you to sit at the bargaining table. A recommended reading to work on these points: Make yourself a Skande brand.

But when do you take?

I tell you this: for me everything starts from 20 Euro per item. The base, the zero point. Then there are details that can increase the price. but for me this is the minimum price. Does it seem little to you? Does that sound like a lot to you? I told you: everything depends. The price is based on experience.

What I can tell you is that you don’t have to lower your head. There is no price list for copy or web writer, I don’t know written rules. We are in a free market and this is why everyone asks what he wants. Consequently you have to start from this point: what I give to the customer to demand a sum.

You can request 20 euros for a post. And maybe you can add other services up to 40 Euros. But who justifies this sum? Earning with a blog also means this: building trust and authority around your name. If I ask for a figure they give it to me because they trust me.

They know my work, they know how I write and what they can get thanks to my presence on the blog. How much can I ask for an item? All you want, but you must be supported by a name. And you only make this name if you open a blog and start running your brand in the industry.

The work of the web writer

The web writer is not an easy job. Reason? So many factors to consider, and when you’re freelancing there’s so much to do: you can never let your guard down. There is always the one who wants you to work for a few cents. But as far as possible I can give you a hand: I can answer your questions.