Many contacts want indications on this topic: how to become a ghostwriter, that figure who writes texts for clients giving up the signature. By accepting the name and surname of another person without problems. It seems absurd but this is one of the nuances of communication.

I have always been fighting to carry out a blogging that puts the individual first. The writer has to sign the article, he must do it to guarantee authoritativeness to the contentpeople trust peopleand to be fair to his art.

But there is this option: call a professional writing online and get a text to be published with his own initials. In other words, you are buying a service and using it to attribute quality content. Everything is part of a clear agreement, of a specific contract.

Do you like? Do you want to write content for customers and give up the signature? It is an interesting job, linked to the world of web writing but with features that you must respect. Otherwise you can’t get good results. So here are the steps: how to become a ghostwriter?

Which ghostwriter?

Before starting it is right to give a definition: which ghostwriting are you interested in? I’m talking about the web, the work done on blogs and online magazines. But there are so many ways to work as a writer without a signature. You can be hired as a ghostwriter from different realities, even very distant.

Politicians need ghostwriters to write speeches, even online newspapers call these professions into question. Without forgetting the common place of this work: the hand that writes books to football players, men and women of the show, journalists too busy to communicate seriously. You must be aware of this difference because it contains different writings, not always compatible in a single figure. Those outside this universe do not understand it, but those who write an article do not necessarily know how to close a book. Even more so if he has to do it with the signature of another person, as a ghostwriter.

Start from the common base

How to become a ghostwriter? You have to make yourself known as a writing professional, so the path is similar to that of other web professions. The starting point is always the same: you have to open a blog and then social accounts to activate the virtuous logic of inbound marketing.

Customers come to you when they need it. Through the content you create on the blog, you intercept traffic and take it to the landing pages. At this point the game switches to call to action, contact form and quotes. The Hubspot funnel you see below contains all the steps of this flow.

The common basis also concerns the world of education. Just as SEO and copywriters do, the shadow writer has to work on the growth triptych: study sources, get his hands dirty with the messtin, experiment with personal projects to test knowledge.

Advertise your services

Fundamental aspect: you must advertise your being a ghostwriter. The question is there but you have to make yourself known and, above all, position your name. Create a landing page dedicated to this service, make sure that people understandas soon as they arrive on the home pagethat you can help in this area. And then focus on the classic channels of online promotion:

  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email marketing

You have to make sure that your blog is present for the main commercial and informational searches, you have to create a social plan that includes advertising (you can’t earn without investing) and feed your contacts with newsletters that know how to find a good balance between offers and contents. In short, you are a ghostwriter but you have to make it clear to your customers.

Writing as a renunciation

Here is the difference between any webwriter and a ghostwriter. In writing you put your character, the elements of your personality: readers must immediately recognize your signature but with the ghostwriting all this falls.

Or rather, you have to stand aside to make room for the name you are signing. You are not the focus of writing but the customer. That’s why one of the basic features of the ghostwriter is the ability to listen: you have to spend time with the person who appropriates your texts.

Above all, you need to talk to this individual. You need to know its history, ideas, personality. And you have to give up your presence in the text. It is not easy to write as a ghostwriter, especially if you have to take care of a series of texts such as those in an editorial calendar.

So how to become a ghostwriter? You have to listen to the client, renounce your personality and bring back that of another subject in a text written in a workmanlike manner. This means optimizing the 80/20 rule: you have to ask customers a lot because you can’t have too many, you risk schizophrenia.

How much a ghostwriter earns

A ghostwriter cannot cure many customers, it becomes difficult to step into the shoes of more people and write with the signature of more individuals with different characteristics. Personality pours into writing, and the ghostwriter must reproduce all this. For how many people can you do it?

The ghostwriter, to continue this work, has to ask a lot about the client. He must raise prices. The best, like the political ghostwriters, work for a single client. The same goes for those who write successful books to famous people: Andrew Croft is the highest paid ghostwriter in the world, asks for 130,000 euros for each job and hasonlythree customers a year. It seems like a good combination.

How to become a ghostwriter

These are the steps, from my point of view, to answer the question: how to become a ghostwriter? Focusing on training, experience and the ability to take on the role of the person asking for your services. In these cases you cannot give yourself the luxury of being an individual artist.

You are serving the customer, but you do not recognize yourself as a mercenary. The purists of writing do not accept this solutionwho writes signaturebut in a world where everything is sold you can work with ghostwriting and communicate emotions. Do you agree?